About Us

Esvee Real Estate is relatively new is a Dubai-based brokerage company, with a long-term vision to
establish as a loyal, pro-active agency,  committed to providing superior customer service and an
unwavering dedication to the satisfaction of customers. Our straight-forward, frank & fair dealings will impress  you.

The four basic principles that guide us are:


Combination of  information systems, knowledge  we assist  our clients make an informed decision.


Straightforwardness, Transparency  and honesty will boost our clientele relations


Listening to our clients requirements , we are able to find the perfect solution.


By combining the above three elements we can exceed clientele expectation and deliver a better service. This brings us referral clients.


Our aim is to become a fully integrated service provider offering Real Estate Advisory, Transactional and
Property Management solutions to both individual and institutional clients.


At ESVEE our mission is  not only meeting, but also, exceeding customer satisfaction and expectations.
Our goal is to aim  high, with integrity, diversification, consistency, high standards, principles, and outstanding customer service.  through impartiality and honesty. We handle each client with integrity
and are unwavering in our commitment to provide  effective, and  efficient customer service.

The essential ingredient for success is passion, which our team has. Our agents have  over  6 of experience in the Dubai real estate market.   Change is permanent, experience has taught us that being flexible and developing the capability to adapt quickly is critical, particularly in a market that is changing so rapidly.
We believe there should be 100% transparency between the client and the landlord, with personal and professional customer service being high on our list of priorities. Striving to be different from others in the market, we want to make your experience with us as effective and profitable as possible, always going the extra mile to provide you with professional working partners, the latest market news, finance solutions and legal advice.

Services We Offer

  • Marketing of property
  • Viewings with prospective tenants
  • Client Profiling
  • Booking the property for the client
  • Verification of the property documents
  • Preparation of tenancy agreement
  • No Charge assistance for Dewa, Ejari and Move in permit
  • Complete  handover
  • Tenant check-In
  • Rent collection and payment on behalf of the ownerOn site Service if needed in case of Emergency Maintenance
  • Renewal of tenancy
  • Arranging refund of security deposit
  • Re-Market the vacant unit
  • Move in  / Move out  of clients and inspection of the property
  • Detailed inventory
  • Reparation (Fee) i.e. paint, clean, pest control, Snag report and rectification advice
  • Buffer between the landlord and the tenant in event of maintenance issue and represent the owner in case of absentee owner to sort the issues out.
  • Legal guidance in relation to RERA
  • Legal Assistance or Advice as per RERA for troubled investors, tenants